Our Services

Our Services

Hotline: 212-442-1541 ext.1 or info@jassi.org

JASSI’s Hotline offers information and referrals to appropriate agencies in areas such as those listed below. The Hotline services also provide crisis intervention, case management, and advocacy as needed. The average number of calls is 220 per month.

    • Visa/Immigration-related issues (*We do not provide legal advice. We refer to other agencies as appropriate.)
    • Low-income issues (e.g., public benefits and entitlements)
    • Consumer-and money-related issues
    • Health-related issues (e.g., health insurance)
    • Legal issues (*We do not provide legal advice. We refer to other agencies as appropriate.)
    • Labor issues (e.g., unemployment insurance)
    • Family issues (e.g., DV)
    • Housing-related issues (e.g., problems with landlord)
    • Disaster-related issues
    • Disability issues
    • Others

Senior Program:

JASSI provides the following services for seniors 60 years old and over.

  • Case Assistance
    • Information and referral services
    • Step-by-step assistance with paperwork and applications for public benefits & entitlements
    • Interpretive services
    • Education
    • Direct communication on behalf of Senior Program members with governmental and/or community agencies and programs
  • Cultural and Educational Events (e.g., seminars, outings, luncheon, cultural gathering)
  • Friendly Visits (JASSI volunteers visit home-bound vulnerable seniors and seniors in nursing homes)
  • Hospital Escort Services (JASSI volunteers ensure seniors to go to hospitals and clinics for doctor’s appointments)
  • Free cultural tickets distribution
  • Monthly Senior Newsletters  (JASSI provides both paper newsletters and E-newsletters with senior-related useful information)

If you are interested in signing up for our Senior Program, please go to Join Us page.

Caregiver Support Program:

We provide services to those who care people over 60 years old.

    • Intensive Case Management
    • Supportive Counseling
    • Respite Care
    • Supplemental Services
    • Support Groups

Community Outreach Program:

JASSI’s Community Outreach Program provides the following services.

    • Seminars and Workshops (some of what JASSI held in the past)Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 5.44.49 PM
      • Seminar “ObamaCare and Health Insurance Marketplace”
      • Applying for Citizenship Workshop
      • Renewal of Green Card
      • Health Insurance from New York State Workshop
      • Divorce Workshop
    • Publication of Newsletters
      • Distributes bilingual newsletters twice a year
      • Distributes e-newsletters to general public as needed
      • Distributes senior newsletter as needed
      • Distributes monthly senior e-newsletters
    • Publication of Articles on community newspapers
    • Public Education through Media
  • Useful Information on JASSI’s website including Visa, Health Insurance, Housing, Public Benefit, Disability, Seniors, Consumers, Family, Legal, and others. (JASSI’s website is created by WordPress.)
  • Events
    • Free Mammogram Screening for Eligible Women with Scan Van
    • Fundraising Party with other NPOs (BTTF & KCS)

Voices of JASSI’s Service Users

“Although I’ve lived in the U.S. for a long time, I still don’t understand English very well because I worked for a Japanese company. When I got fired from the company, JASSI helped me not only apply for unemployment benefits but also aided me in applying for citizenship. It was very helpful. Thank you!”

“Thank you for your consultation the other day. I finally received the food stamps I’d been waiting for. I could’ve given up if it was not for the advice I received from JASSI. I deeply apreciate JASSI’s staff.”

“Thank you for providing me with hospital information. I received treatment at the hospital JASSI referred to me, and fortunately, it was administered for a very low cost.”