1. Housing Search Tips

Housing Search Tips

  1. Brokers

Contact real estate offices in the area in which you would like to live; they will match your needs with what they have. They often include pictures of apartments on their website. However, before deciding to work with them, you should first ask them if they charge extra fees, such as broker fees and credit history fees.

  1. Socializing

Many people look for their housing through friends, family, and co-workers. It helps if you tell people around you that you are looking for an apartment.

  1. Newspapers

Most newspapers such as the New York Times, the Village Voice, the Daily News, and Newsday have a “classified” section with advertisements posted by roommate seekers and apartment owners. These advertisements are also in the online newspapers

  1. Walking Around

If you find a sign saying “For Rent”, take down the contact information and call to inquire about any availability.

  1. Housing Office

If you are a student, the housing office at your college or university may have information regarding your housing options.

  1. Apartment Referral Services

They can provide you with a list of housing which does not require extra fees by monthly charge.

  1. Look for availabilities in the same management company

Ask for more information from your super, neighbors, doormen, and management companies.

  1. Public Housing

When you are not in a rush to move, you can also apply to the waiting list for public housing. When something is available, they will contact you. For more information, please visit “Public Housing” on our website

  1. Community Group

Community groups in your area might have information about available housing.

  1. Apartment Guides

Apartment guides on the city’s website has information and advice for common housing problems.