Community Outreach Program

212-442-1541 ext.1 or

JASSI’s Community Outreach Program provides the following services.

    • Seminars and Workshops (some of what JASSI held in the past)
      • Seminar “ObamaCare and Health Insurance Marketplace”
      • Applying for Citizenship Workshop
      • Renewal of Green Card
      • Health Insurance from New York State Workshop
      • Divorce Workshop
    • Publication of Newsletters
      • Distributes bilingual newsletters twice a year
      • Distributes e-newsletters to general public as needed
      • Distributes senior newsletter as needed
      • Distributes monthly senior e-newsletters
    • Publication of Articles on community newspapers
    • Public Education through Media
  • Useful Information on JASSI’s website including Visa, Health Insurance, Housing, Public Benefit, Disability, Seniors, Consumers, Family, Legal, and others. (JASSI’s website is created by WordPress.)
  • Events
    • Free Mammogram Screening for Eligible Women with Scan Van
    • Fundraising Party with other NPOs (BTTF & KCS)