5. Home-Delivered Meal

5. Home-Delivered Meal

Home-Delivered Meals

There are organizations providing meal delivery services to seniors and disables who are not able to cook by themselves. In this page,we provide the information on “Meals-on-Wheels” for seniors over 60 and “God’s Love We Deliver” for disables and people with illness.


To search which organization manages this program in your area, please visit Citymeals on Wheels.

God’s Love We Deliver

“God’s Love We Deliver offers home delivered meals and nutritional counseling and education for the seriously ill who are physically limited in their activities of daily living….We also provide meals to any dependent children 17 and younger that are under your care and to senior caregivers 60 or over if you are also a senior (God’s Love We Deliver).”

God’s Love We Deliver: Becoming a Client



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