7. HIV Special Needs Plans

HIV Spacial Needs Plans (SNPs)

Medicaid Health Plan Choices for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Last Updated July 2019

A SNP is a health plan that covers all the same services covered by other Medicaid health plans, PLUS special services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

SNPs eligibilities are people:

  • who are found Medicaid eligible AND
  • who resides in the five boroughs of NYC only.

SNPs are options for:

  • Individuals with HIV/AIDS and their eligible dependents
  • HIV negative homeless individuals:
    • who are currently registered in NYC shelter system
    • who have an attestation from an organization providing homeless services

Specialized Services Offered under SNPs for Individuals with HIV/AIDS

  •  All MMC plans cover HIV/AIDS treatment
  • SNPs covers the additional following as well:
    • Primary Care Providers and other medical providers who are HIV Specialists
    • Additional HIV specialty services:
      • HIV SNP Care Coordination: A Care Coordinator can help the consumer make medical and behavioral health appointments and manage their care. An HIV/SNP Care Coordinator can help the consumer and their family get counseling, public benefits, substance use disorder treatment, legal help, public benefits, and other services.
      • Treatment Adherence Services: Treatment adherence services help the consumer remember and keep track of their medications, manage any side-effects from medications, and give advice about new medicines and treatments.
      • HIV Prevention and Risk-Reduction Education: This education can include counseling, reading materials, and health education classes. This education can help the consumer reduce the chance that they may get new infections or infect others, by letting the consumer know:
        • how to get free male and female condoms;
        • where to get clean needles and syringes;
        • where to get counseling services to help stop injection drug use;
        • how to talk to their partner about ways to reduce HIV risk and infection, including PrEP and PEP.
          • PrEP is a daily pill for HIV-negative people that can help prevent HIV infection before exposure to the virus.
          • PEP is an emergency medication for HIV-negative people that can help prevent infection after exposure to HIV.
  • The doctors, nurses and other providers who participate in SNPs understand the special care needs facing people living with HIV/AIDS. SNPs offer easy access to expert HIV and specialty care through an enhanced network of providers and hospitals.

Specialized Services Offered under SNPs for Individuals Who Are Homeless

Homeless individuals may receive enhanced care management support for:

  • Accessing health care
    • Gaining access to needed behavioral health services including harm reduction
  • Navigating health care
    • May have staff who are more knowledgeable about:
      • Housing services
      • Supportive services for homeless individuals



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