JASSI does not enforce or support any of the organizations named below; the information is simply provided to assist those seeking resources. It may not be a complete list.

Consulate General of Japan in New York

[ Medical, Education, Social Service Organizations in the Japanese Community ]

APICHA (Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS)
Provides HIV testing & treatment, hepatitis testing, support group etc. Japanese language services available.
TEL: 866-274-2429   Email:

Apple Time
A support group for children with special needs and their parents and family in New York area.
TEL: 914-777-3448   Email:

Care the World
Provides medical, living, educational and mental support for Japanese people experiencing childbirth and childcare oversea.
TEL: 914-413-6606   Email:

Hamilton-Madison House, Japanese Clinic
Provides counseling services in Japanese.
TEL: 212-720-4560 or 212-720-4561

HEIAN-NY (Healthy & Inspiring Aging Network)
Promotes “healthy aging” and social involvement through “intergenerational exchange” activities and the lectures on the theme of “healthy aging”.

Japan Education Center, Educational Institute of New York(
Provides phone, in-person, home visiting counseling for Japanese children who suffer from educational, developmental and adjustment problems. They also offer a group therapy, consultation to school and teachers, workshop for parents, etc.
914-305-2411   Email:

Japanese American Association of New York
The organization represents Japanese American/Japanese society. Their services include free health consultation, senior program, social services, grant Japenese language education, culture class, hall rentals and etc. Their Senior Problem Council provide useful information for seniors.
TEL: 212-840-6942 or 212-840-6889  Email:

The Japanese Educational Institute of New York
Provides phone and in-person consultations, group therapy, group session, consultation for schools/teachers and workshop regarding Japanese children’s education, growth, and adjustment issues.

Japanese Medical Society of America
Established by Japanese medical and health care professionals. Provides exchange between Japanese and American medical professionals, the support for community medical services, and the doctor and health care professional directory.
TEL: 212-351-5038  Email:

WOMANKIND(旧 New York Asian Women’s Center)
Helps women and their children overcome domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Provides 24hr multilingual hotline, emergency shelter, counseling, law consultation, information, and children’s programs in free of charge.
TEL: 888-888-7702

JACNet (Japanese-American Communication Network) is operated by a team of Japanese music therapists working as staff or involved with the training at the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy. Accepts inquiries about their individual or group sessions and informations regarding music therapies.
TEL: 201-630-4335  Email:

NY de Volunteer
A non-profit organization. Based on Japanese community network in New York, the organization promotes community service activities, aiming at solving social problems in New York City and promoting international mutual understanding.

NY SukuSuku-Kai(育児支援ニューヨークすくすく会)
A childcare support group providing professional services for families living in New York area.
TEL: 917-292-0218  Email:

Origami Therapy Association (OTA)
OTA was funded in order to promote the therapeutic use of origami to develop the application of origami in community building and for furthering research pertaining to the benefits of origami.

Pre-mom Club
Aimed at the mutual support of pregnant women and mother around New York and New Jersey area. Provides oppotunities for them to exchange information and make friends.

Sanctuary for Families
Provides services for DV victims, including shelters, counseling, legal consultation about protection order, divorce and custody and education and outreach programs. There is a Japanese counselor in the Bronx.
TEL: 718-993-5990

SHARE Japanese Program
Helps women with breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Provides support meeting, Help Line, and information about breast cancer on Internet.
TEL: 917-686-0671  Email:

Young Japanese Breast Cancer Network
Provides support for young Japanese breast cancer patients. Provides education and outreach programs.


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